Microsoft complicates software license management for the whole world


Microsoft has made another move that will further complicate its license compliance regulations, indicating the importance of software asset management software for businesses that rely on the Redmond, Washington-based company's products.

According to the International Business Times, Microsoft will issue an international blanket software license for non-governmental organizations in an effort to ensure worldwide organizations do not engage in software piracy during criminal investigations. The announcement comes as a result of a recent legal issue in Russia in which the police used software license compliance as a means to seize computers belonging to activist groups that may have opposed the government.

"The law in Russia - and many other countries - requires that one must provide truthful information about the facts in response to a subpoena or other judicial process," Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith wrote in a recent blog post. "With this new software license, we effectively change the factual situation at hand. Now our information will fully exonerate any qualifying [nonprofit], by showing that it has a valid license to our software."

As Microsoft software licensing continues to become more complicated, the many businesses that own and operate the company's software can prevent unexpected license compliance issues with adequate software asset management software.