New technologies bring new license management concerns


As new technologies continue to emerge among enterprise IT departments, software licensing will become more complicated, according to a recent Computerworld report. Specifically, the article highlighted the license management issues associated with launching a virtualization campaign, businesses should consider updated software asset management software to keep themselves prepared for changing IT environments.

The report also touches on another sensitive license management subject - Microsoft software licensing. The report highlights a company looking to begin a major desktop virtualization project and realized that, even though it had an enterprise agreement with the Redmond, Washington-based company, neither it nor Microsoft were aware of the software license compliance issues with the new technology.

This case is not uncommon either, as the report also cites a study conducted by the Info-Tech Research Group last year that found Microsoft Windows licensing the biggest frustration for organizations that implemented desktop virtualization technology.

Barb Goldworm, president and chief analyst of consultancy Focus, told Computerworld all Microsoft software license compliance "is still so complicated that users and even resellers don't understand it."

Recent developments have even made Microsoft licensing more complicated for organizations across the globe. Businesses that fail to integrate the most updated software asset management software are put at risk for violation when trying to adopt new technology.