Now Available: Feature Packs for iET® ITSM Mobile and iET® ITSM Webshop

Extend your Existing iET® ITSM – without the Need to Upgrade!


ASCHHEIM, GERMANY, February 22, 2017 – iET Solutions, a division of UNICOM® Global, presents new functionality without the need for a complete system upgrade. New functionality from iET® ITSM 8.2 can now also be used with previous versions of iET® ITSM, provided that the latest iET® Enterprise Technology update is installed.

Feature Packs are broken down features from the latest iET® ITSM releases, packaged in a way that they can be simply added to existing iET® ITSM installations.

With the use of feature packs, iET Solutions‘ customers benefit rapidly and in a straightforward manner from enhancements in iET® ITSM without the need for a complete upgrade of their productive system! Individual ITIL® processes, such as request fulfillment, can be updated without influencing other process implementations.

iET® Mobile SelfService Feature Pack is a package that makes iET® SelfService available on mobile devices. It includes amongst others barcode scanning, camera support and OS share integration.

iET® ITSM Webshop Feature Pack is available in responsive design and contains the new request fulfillment process which was implemented for the first time in iET® ITSM 6.0 and later versions.


Both installation packages, including release notes, are ready to download on the iET Solutions customer and partner portal.


Media Contact:
Shulangani Buchholz, iET Solutions GmbH, +49 89 74 85 89 0


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