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This EMA impact brief takes a closer look at the CMDB/CMS solution offering of iET Solutions. “iET Solutions stands out as being compelling for a true CMDB solution from cost, administrative, and functionality perspectives, especially when integration into other product environments is key… iET Solutions’ strengths in asset management through its own portfolio and third-party integrations are outstanding.“. See full details by downloading the vendor report.
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Emerging new technologies are changing the way IT operates. Instead of managing hardware and software systems, businesses are increasingly approaching IT as a constant service delivered to support the company’s day-to-day functions and operations. This Whitepaper explores these new trends in depth and clearly outlines how ITSM fits into today's emerging IT environment.
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Learn how companies can benefit from ITIL and ISO 20000 certifications.
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A proof of concept verifies the technical feasibility of a new system implementation and tests the cooperation with the provider as well as partners and distributors. In addition, the proof of concept offers the possibility to assess and plan the effort for installation and integration.
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Discover how ITIL change management can help you manage and control the process of change in order to enable continuous improvements in IT services while minimizing problems and disruptions related to changes.
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Discover how shifting economic forces have thrust software into the dominant position in the IT budget. Entitlement-based Software Asset Management solutions focus on the holistic picture of software licenses and entitlements and can help organizations reduce software costs, ensure license compliance and implement ITIL-compliant workflows.
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A Project Guideline for Implementing a Configuration Management Database
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CMDB delivers IT cost savings, productivity gains, and regulatory compliance.


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This dataheet describes the functionalities of the iET Enterprise Technology platform for service management solutions, xRM and individual application development
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iET Solutions provides the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive, out-of-the-box IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Fully integrated, highly configurable and built to scale, iET ITSM can easily meet any organization’s needs.
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Anytime, anywhere access to service operations data
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iET Inventory Center enables the discovery of all of your hardware and software assets and also provides License Management features.
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Full control over your configuration items
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iET Integration Center is an add-on module that seamlessly connects data from third party systems into iET® ITSM.
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This datasheet is about iET Connect that allows the direct integration of CTI functionality with iET® ITSM.


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Founded in 1982, VAMED has become the leading global provider of a full line of services for hospitals and other health care facilities, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. VAMED’s portfolio ranges from project development, planning and turnkey equipment via maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructure services to the total operational management of health care facilities.
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ORS (Austrian Broadcasting Services), the subsidiary of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), is responsible for almost all TV and radio programme providers in Austria, as well as for digital television. iET ITSM has helped centralise the provision of technical information as part of monitoring and maintaining the organisation’s transmitter’s.
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Axess is one of the leading global manufacturers of systems for ticketing and admission management. Its target markets are companies providing applications for public admission to sport and cultural events, leisure activities and public transport. Axess systems are developed using state-of the-art technologies.
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Sisal Slot was required to provide a Service Desk system capable of tracing all useful information to register a request, to manage the escalation process and to notify all parties involved in the process. The system had to be able to gauge the SLA for the service provided. In addition, given the critical nature of logistical operations, the system needed to be capable of managing all movement of assets, whether to points of sale or warehouses.
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IT Service Management is a critical tool for high level customer service. This especially holds true for companies in the telecom industry. This case study highlights iET Solutions' ten year ITSM relationship with LIME, a leading telecom provider in the Caribbean. The case revolves around how LIME leverages ITSM, why they initially chose iET Solutions, and how the relationship has strengthened over the years.
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Tony L. Johnston, Assistant Vice President of Information Systems, explains, “To be a world-class industry leader, you have to stay innovative. iET ITSM was the right solution to help us achieve our vision of an efficient, cost-effective IS service organization that’s in keeping with Cincinnati Children’s standard of excellence.”


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