iET Solutions Offers Service Request Fulfillment, Knowledge Management, and Other ITIL V3 Enhancements in Latest Version of iET ITSM


iET® Solutions, a leading provider of ITIL based IT Service Management (ITSM) software solutions and services, today announced the release and immediate availability of iET ITSM 5.0 and iET Enterprise Platform 11.0. The newest release features service request fulfillment and service catalog, as well as an enhanced knowledge management application, keeping iET ITSM in line with ITIL V3 best practices. 

"With this latest release iET Solutions continues to demonstrate its ability to remain competitive in the crowded IT Service Management market," said Lisa Erickson-Harris, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates. "EMA was particularly impressed with iETSolutions' diligence in keeping its customers at the center of the development process for ITSM 5.0 and iET Enterprise Platform 11.0 with an extensive beta testing and approval program. This resulted in features and functionality that deliver customer-centric value and allow them to achieve even greater IT service efficiency."

One of the customers that participated in the beta testing program isUltradent Products, Inc., a manufacturer of dental materials, including whitening, restorative, endodontic and orthodontic products. "We putiET ITSM 5.0 and the technology platform through rigorous testing and were impressed with the new features and functionality. The advances made to the UI, including a user-friendly layout, customizable dashboards and easy navigation, are very important to us," said Ryan Mackerell, Senior IT Manager, Ultradent Products. "We are looking forward to upgrading to the new platform, so we can take advantage of these new features in our day-to-day operational activities."

Highlights of the new product releases include:

Service Request Fulfillment
In keeping with ITIL V3, iET ITSM users now have a Service Request Fulfillment module to request any service offered by the IT department, such as ordering a new computer, booking a conference room, or setting up a shared mailbox. The Service Request Fulfillment module uses a 'shopping cart' metaphor that is familiar to users, and provides the IT department with a sophisticated back-end to manage the approval and fulfillment processes, allowing for the automatic creation of Configuration Items in the CMDB, Incidents, Changes and their corresponding workflows.

Enhanced Knowledge Management
Much of the functionality around the Knowledge Management application has been expanded to meet ITIL V3 guidelines. The new version includes the ability to rank solutions, set expiration dates, categorize solutions by technical category, track related incidence and changes, and provide feedback on available solutions. 

SLA Timeline
The SLA Timeline sits at the top of the screen, depicting where a ticket (whether an Incident, a Problem or a Change) is in the resolution process and how much more time there is before the agreed time to resolution is met. A Service Desk representative can easily view and manage priorities, focusing on the more immediate tickets.

Dynamic Process Trail
Every time a user opens a form, runs a query, creates a document or launches Graphical Explorer, a process trail is dynamically generated on the top of the screen. Now users can clearly see how they arrived at the current screen and which module of the application they are in, and navigate back and forth to review any steps in the process.

Improved Usability and Dashboards
iET ITSM has a new look and feel as well as some exciting new features, including favorites and homepages. Users can view information quickly with new and improved charts and graphs, and then drill down with a click of a mouse to view the underlying information.

"We invest significantly in our R&D efforts, and are committed to continuously bringing real business value to our customers," said Michael Scheib, President and CEO, iET Solutions, LLC. "The latest release enables customers to use our ITIL ready applications to adopt ITIL V3 incrementally, so they can minimize risk and ensure their organizations implement new ITIL processes in a pragmatic and successful manner."

About iET ITSM
iET Solutions provides a complete solution to the ITIL concept of aligning IT services in support of business objectives to maximize the return on IT investment. iET Solutions products, such as iET ITSM,iET CMDB Discovery, iET CMDB Intelligence, and iET Process Analyzer, combine fast and efficient service desk performance with the comprehensive back office management capabilities needed to continuously improve and optimize the IT infrastructure. Integrating the front office functions of incident and problem management with the back office functions of configuration, change and release management helps organizations gain control over the IT infrastructure and optimize its performance. iET Solutions' Risk and Security Management allows users to assess vulnerabilities, ensure the security of IT assets, and adhere to compliance policies and standards. iET Mobile ITSM is available for customers wishing to access iET ITSM from a mobile device.

About iET Solutions
iET Solutions ( develops, markets, and supports award-winning software applications for the IT service management market. Our ITSM suite is built around ITIL standards and has been verified by Pink Elephant, a world leader in ITSM education, to be compatible with core ITIL best practices. For the purposes of process analysis, CMDB management, and risk and security management, iET Solutions offers integrated solutions. Over 600 customers in more than 26 countries worldwide benefit from iETSolutions' offerings. Headquartered in Framingham, MA, iETSolutions maintains offices in Germany, Great Britain, and North America. Distributors and technology partners serve all other countries.