Expert chose ITIL over other industry options for his major organization

Consulting ITIL best practices is seen by industry experts as the most effective method to maintain efficiency throughout an entire organization.


Julius Tomei is one of those experts. In a recent interview with TechRepublic, the 26-year IT veteran who currently oversees IT for more than 200 locations in 45 countries and more than 50,000 end-users attested to the most efficient methods for leveraging ITIL software.

"As an IT organization, if you can't establish a framework of best practices, you are destined to become very inefficient," Tomei told TechRepublic. "You have to consider all the components of ITIL and apply the ones that make sense for your organization. It's also still the best tool out there for giving us all a common language and understanding of defined processes."

Tomei also said his organization chose ITIL over other industry standards because of its benefits for managing large networks.

Other organizations should heed his advice. A survey released last month found, the top reason among the 49 percent of British organizations who had failed to implement ITIL software was that they were not aware of its benefits.