Expert points out challenges of configuration, change management


Businesses considering improving their IT efficiency with ITIL processes face a few challenges while making their decision. When it comes to configuration management and change management, integrating a combination of automated tools and manual processes could be beneficial for some IT departments, according to a recent TMCNet report.

Industry expert Pam Snaith, a product manager with an enterprise systems management business unit, told TMCNet the diverse offerings for configuration management and change management present a number of opportunities for businesses to leverage different solutions. However, these become less available for businesses that are slow to pursue the latest technology.

"With many different vendors and platforms, the amount of manual correlation is significant and you lose the opportunity to speed up and clean up change processes," Snaith said, TMCNet reports.

Consulting the most updated software, and combining it with the expertise of an ITIL specialist, is essential to successfully completing critical business IT operations.

"Today's fault management tools depend upon automation to take immediate action to prevent downtime and to correct developing performance problems," Snaith added. "While automated actions must be based on business policies established by trusted technical advisors, automating the resulting action eliminates a great deal of risk."

External specialists in ITIL software are becoming important for enterprise IT, as configuration management has also been emphasized as a helpful tool for eliminating network errors