How a consumer eBay sale could change software license compliance for the whole country


A court case regarding a single consumer trying to resell his software on eBay may result in serious implications for enterprise software license management.

A recent court case regarding Timothy Vernor, who tried to resell his AutoDesk software on eBay, might be brought to the Supreme Court after a judge ruled in favor of the software vendor, which brought the case against Vernor on the grounds that he violated the software license agreement.

While Vernor's case involves the consumer re-sale of software, it could have a ripple effect upon enterprise license management, according to UPI. Rather than lose money on investments, some businesses sell their old software when they upgrade to new systems. If the case holds, this opportunity will be eliminated, leaving businesses to update their license management processes accordingly.

Additionally, bringing this case to the Supreme Court could result in federal laws regarding software license compliance. In response, software vendors may craft new licenses to adhere to government regulations. As government regulations and new technologies present changes in the software industry, investing in software asset management software can ensure license compliance with the latest software developments.

Modern software licensing updates are posing issues for businesses already, as industry giant Microsoft also recently issued a new international ruling on software license management for organizations facing government investigations.