IT service management offerings consider new organizational approaches


The common approach techniques to integrating ITIL software are evolving alongside the technologies modern organizations adapt. According to a recent ZDNet report, service-oriented architecture and agile development methodologies are key IT factors that can benefit from ITIL-approved IT service management software.

The report cites Charles Araujo, an ITIL expert who highlights the differences between the three aspects of enterprise IT and stresses that each is independent of each other. However, considering service-oriented architecture and agile development methodologies for IT service management is becoming a common solution to streamlining IT operations.

"To create sustained value for your customers, the only solution is to move service design to the center of your service management approach," Araujo said. "They [and other similar approaches] are the tools that IT organizations must use to ensure that a service will meet the needs of the business, to enable that service to be adapted quickly to business changes and to enable a sustainable and reliable service environment."

The report is a sign of the evolution of IT service management software as businesses look to apply ITIL guidelines to their modern solutions.

New approaches to ITIL will become important, as a recent study found the majority of organizations who have failed to adopt ITIL software simply lack education on its benefits.