Pink Elephant introduces 'Resource-as-a-Service'


Pink Elephant, an international authority on ITIL software and certification, recently announced the introduction of a new ITSM service. While Pink Elephant's "Resource-as-a-Service" is only being introduced to the UK at this point, its release is a sign of the upgrades by IT service management providers to keep up with modern IT trends.

The new service is based around ITIL guidelines, in accordance with other IT industry regulations, and specializes in integrating the best practices for financial services, managed services, systems integrators and financial services projects and roles. As new technology and IT trends have impacted these aspects of modern businesses, the offering was designed to consider individual businesses' IT needs.

"Our 'Resource-as-a-Service' is a bespoke service created for individual clients' needs where we create and manage specific resource pools in line with clients demands," said the organization's new ITIL expert David Bentley, who will lead the new offering. "Typically, these are based around ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000, utilizing ITSM tools [from major providers], but is certainly not limited to these areas."

IT service management providers certified from Pink Elephant's standards have proven the capability to integrate ITIL processes for modern business IT departments. As new capabilities come from Pink Elephant and its affiliates, more businesses will consider the advantages of updating their IT service management solutions.