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iET CMDB Intelligence

Going beyond most other solutions on the market today by including these essential capabilities.


iET CMDB Intelligence enables full federation and supports multiple vendor data sources. It not only integrates information from across the network into the CMDB, but also provides a complete understanding of the relationships of all components.


Information about IT assets can come from many sources, resulting in duplication or conflicting information. iET CMDB Intelligence reconciles the various instances, resolves conflicts, and ensures that the CMDB receives the correct configuration data for every device.


iET CMDB Intelligence allows closed-loop change control by synchronizing device configurations with approved changes, identifying any inappropriate changes, and triggering alerts to IT when discrepancies are found.


A single graphical view of the status of CIs, insights into the connections between different elements of the IT infrastructure as well as into the relationships between the infrastructure and the business services are provided with iET CMDB Intelligence.

iET Inventory Center

A high powered, agentless asset discovery and inventory tool that is connected to the CMDB.

Dynamically queries configuration items

And verifies their current state and connections through flexible, scheduled scans.

Integration of third-party systems

Such as Microsoft MECM and InControl.

iET Integration Center

Offers the following modules and standard interfaces.

Import Organizer and Export Organizer

Data imports and exports are ideal for merging data on a time-controlled basis. Consolidation takes place at set times via XML, JSON, Excel or CSV files, relational databases, LDAP data sources, or web services.

Web services

With iET Webservices, data can be merged across companies. They are used, for example, if an organization wants to exchange data in real time with an external service provider.

Interface Procedure

Interfaces and the resulting actions can be quickly integrated with interface procedures into existing forms - for example in incident management.

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Delivering IT cost savings, productivity gains, and regulatory compliance

CMDB delivers IT cost savings, productivity gains, and regulatory compliance

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