Problem management

Root cause analysis and proactive elimination of malfunctions.

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Problem management features

All required information at a glance

For effortless problem logging, prioritization, automatic generation of change requests, and closure of all related incidents.

Multiple action capability and full audit trails

Provide flexibility and insight into problem resolution, allowing your service desk to minimize time-to-close ratios.

Graphical visualization

Of affected configuration items, in-depth reports, trend identification, and root-cause analysis provide continuous analysis of problems and improvement of service levels.

Configurable notifications and assignments

Increase response times by providing tailored alerts and assignment of resources with the required expertise.

Definition and maintenance of process-related action plans and accurate history

For efficient problem solving.

Automated closure of all related incidents

As the problem is resolved.

Other iET ITSM capabilities

Full compliance of IT availability
Controlled IT infrastructure changes
Detection, classification, prioritization, and resolution of events
Qualified knowledge sharing within your organization
Quick support at the service desk
Thorough management of your CMDB and CMS
Detailed view of all services provided by IT
Accurate setting and tracking of your service contracts
Lifecycle view of service portfolio offerings
End-to-end management of complex soft- and hardware rollouts
Consistent approval and fulfillment processes

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