Service portfolio management

Align your service portfolio with your organization's strategies.

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Service portfolio management features

Tight process integration

With service level management as well as service asset and configuration management across the entire service lifecycle.

Strong interconnection with the CMDB / CMS and service contracts

To manage services, including flexible attributes, and to quickly check dependencies.

Definition of services including the service hierarchy

For a structured presentation of the service portfolio offering.

Standardized and always reusable

IT-oriented view of technical services.

Other iET ITSM capabilities

Full compliance of IT availability
Controlled IT infrastructure changes
Detection, classification, prioritization, and resolution of events
Qualified knowledge sharing within your organization
Quick support at the service desk
Sound root cause analysis
Thorough management of your CMDB and CMS
Detailed view of all services provided by IT
Accurate setting and tracking of your service contracts
End-to-end management of complex soft- and hardware rollouts
Consistent approval and fulfillment processes

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