Knowledge management

Pinpoint key knowledge whenever you need it.

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Knowledge management features

Advanced search capabilities

Ensure answers are found quickly, improving response times and end user satisfaction.

Seamless integration with other practices

Allows users to capture information in real time and track related incidents and changes.

Enhanced knowledge base

Options such as expiration dates, tagging by technical categories, segmenting data to be viewed by role, and continuous review of content through user ratings and reviews.

Other iET ITSM capabilities

Full compliance of IT availability
Controlled IT infrastructure changes
Detection, classification, prioritization, and resolution of events
Quick support at the service desk
Sound root cause analysis
Thorough management of your CMDB and CMS
Detailed view of all services provided by IT
Accurate setting and tracking of your service contracts
Lifecycle view of service portfolio offerings
End-to-end management of complex soft- and hardware rollouts
Consistent approval and fulfillment processes

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